Bitten By an Aggressive Dog Breed.

If you or a loved one has recently become a dog bite victim, a California dog bite attorney can help you navigate the claims or lawsuit process, to relive stress and get you all the compensation you deserve. Being the victim of a dog bite is never something you see coming. Some dog bites happen at the home of a friend or family member, but many dog bites happen in public places, like parks and city streets. It is almost always a difficult process when you are bitten by the dog of a stranger. If they are uncooperative, what do you do?

Dog Bite Victim

You or your loved one is seriously injured and your body and mind is already under a high level of stress. When our clients first speak with us they are scared. They are unsure where the money will come from to pay for their medical expenses. Dog bite victims are scared they might lose their jobs, and they are afraid of working with the dog owner to make this right.

You need to focus on healing after being the victim of dog bite injuries. Contacting a California dog bite attorney we give you the peace of mind you need because you will know a dog bite expert is handling your case! Our dog bite lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve. You don’t want to worry about chasing around a stranger trying to hold them responsible for the actions of their dog. When faced with legal action, dog owners will have to fulfill their financial responsibilities or face a lawsuit. This will show any dog owner trying to avoid their responsibility that you are serious.

In the state of California dog owners carry a strict liability of their pets meaning they are totally responsible for any and all damages caused by their dog. If a dog owner is trying to tell you that they are not responsible for your medical bills and other expenses they are trying to mislead you or they are not familiar with the law. In many states there is something called a “one bite” rule that states dog owners are only liable if you were bitten more than once. In the state of California, this law does not apply.

Due to this perception and classification of aggressive breeds by insurance companies, you may be entitled to larger settlements if bitten by an aggressive dog breed. Our skilled dog bite lawyers understand the intricate classifications insurance companies use for various dog breeds and can make navigating the claims or lawsuit process simple for you while ensuring you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Some information cited from

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